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Who are we?

Our company was established in Istanbul in order to provide services in renewable energy, energy efficiency and recycling.

In the process of using energy resources that have been going on since the first fire that human beings burned, the paradigm of fighting nature has lost its validity as an undeniable reality with the climate changes that we see today. Akterm Energy designs and implements projects for the efficient, human and environmental safety-oriented use of renewable energy resources such as wind, biogas, hydroelectric, geothermal, solar for a sustainable future, in this process, which reveals the necessity of revision of our energy resources with its motto, not despite nature, but with nature.

We Draw New Horizons for the Sector

our vision

As Akterm Energy, our vision is to be the leading company in the world that contributes to the sustainable future of the world and designs and produces valuable projects focused on energy efficiency in this future.

Our Mission

We design and project Power Plants with a focus on efficiency, quality and cost. We complete and deliver the necessary revisions in the current production plants within low production downtimes. We deliver the commitment of new power plant projects ahead of time within the framework of quality and efficiency.

Why Akterm Energy?

Reliable Service

We keep our promises to our customers and suppliers and ensure control at every stage of the business without sacrificing quality.

Timely delivery

Under the leadership of our management team who is aware of the fact that time is the most important resource, we deliver our work ahead of time by planning the logistics and resource management without compromising quality and project.


Considering all predictable situations, we create applicable designs based on scientific standards and principles, and even if there are project-related deficiencies at the time of implementation, we implement the projects by using quality materials and workmanship in continuous control by redoing the relevant design if necessary.

Professional Team

We bring solutions to all kinds of engineering problems with our engineers, technicians and master staff who are educated in their fields, constantly updating themselves, professional, experienced, ethical, aware that collective work is ahead of the individual.


Akterm Enerji

Our company was established in Istanbul to serve in the fields of Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Recycling.

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