1- Easy to Carry
For example, is the location of your engines changing or is not enough heat being produced anymore in the relevant landfill? Our ORC, which is the size of a container, can always be easily relocated to continue operations in a new location.

2- Easy to Install
Triogen ORC does not need much space or special conditions. An ordinary factory floor will suffice, inside or outside a building or factory site. The ORC setup will be ready in a few weeks, and more importantly, your business processes will be interrupted for just a few hours.

3- Easy to Use
ORC’s ingenious operation does not have a complex operating panel. Just turn the knob: the Triogen ORC system works fully automatically. Even easier: the operation of the ORC can be fully integrated into the operation of the heat source. It can also be certified for unsupervised work. During operation, your business processes will never be interrupted by Triogen ORC.

4- Easy to Maintain
Triogen ORC requires no special maintenance. Routine checks and maintenance can be easily done by one of the field workers. If parts fail, all parts are easily accessible and various parts can be replaced quickly and easily.

5- Provable Working Time
Over the last few years Triogen ORC has proven its high uptime with up to 98% uptime in a wide range of different applications.

6- High Performance
Triogen ORC has the highest efficiency and power output in the heat input range. One of the reasons is that Triogen ORC does not use an intermediate loop. This means that the working fluid is heated directly by the exhaust gases instead of an additional loop.

7- Autonomous Working
ORC works completely automatically without any supervision. Installation will start when there is heat available and will automatically stop when there is no or limited amount of available heat. The ORC will automatically restart when the heat source is increased to the required minimum levels.

8- Adapting to Changes
In addition to starting and stopping automatically, the Triogen ORC can automatically adapt to changes in thermal input during normal operation for optimal heat-to-electricity conversion efficiency.

9- Easy Integration to Existing Facilities
After installation, ORC will not interfere with your business process in any way. During installation, your heat source (engine, flame, etc.) will need to be connected to the ORC, this can be done in a few hours.
In addition, the size of the ORC is sized to fit in a standard container for easy attachment to your plant location.

10-Suitable for Modular Installation
If the available heat exceeds the amount required for a single ORC, the solution is to integrate more than one unit into the system in parallel. This maximizes efficiency and electrical power output, especially in multi-source facilities that are not operating at full capacity all year.
Adopting a modular solution with several small ORC units instead of one large power unit provides:

• Higher efficiency at partial capacity
• Higher run times
• A more flexible operation

11- Higher Coolant Temperatures
Higher coolant temperatures – Triogen ORC can produce fluid up to 85°C.
Besides the electricity produced, the waste product of Triogen ORC is hot water. The available heat in the chiller can be used for:
drying ; Wood, fertilizer etc.
Heating; Buildings, water treatment plants, digester heating, process heating, swimming pools, etc.
Using the heat in the cooling water can increase the overall system efficiency by up to 90%.
Under normal operating conditions, Triogen ORC produces hot water up to 55 °C. Triogen ORC can increase the temperature of the cooling water on the condenser side up to 85°C if required.