About Geothermal Energy

Naturally occurring geothermal resources are a process that requires benefiting from the energy they create. Geothermal Energy can be produced from these sources. The word that expresses the meaning of earth, thermal heat is the word geothermal.

The company that produces electricity and heat from these natural resources and thus evaluates the resources is www.aktermenerji.com.

About Geothermal Energy

Geothermal heat accumulates deep in the earth’s crust. There are some chemical-containing steam, hot water and gases created by this heat. The energy created by the geothermal resource emerges.
The term that includes direct or indirect use of this energy is called geothermal energy.
The company that makes use of geothermal energy resources and makes use of these resources is www.aktermenerji.com. The firm generates electricity and heat from this energy.

This process has several benefits. Among the features of energy production, it has features such as renewable, inexhaustible, reproducible, economical, not harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is the primary energy source.


Geothermal Energy Resources

This natural energy can be obtained from various sources. Here are the geothermal energy resources listed as follows:

Water, hot rocks and steam

magma in the near-earth layers

Hot dry rocks without water

The company www.aktermenerji.com also carries out its transactions by using these resources. Cracks that can reach from the ground to the surface of the ground help companies in this process. It is obtained from the water coming to the surface by using the weak areas of the cracks. In addition, it is also obtained by drilling special boreholes.

Geothermal Energy Benefits And Advantages

Full of benefits and advantages, geothermal energy is an open source for use and production. These advantages are listed as follows:
This energy is renewable.
It is an inexhaustible and therefore sustainable type of energy.
It is completely environmentally friendly because it is clean.
Considering other sources, this energy source has less land use compared to them.
Regular production can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This energy is also used as base load power plants in electricity generation.
The design way is modular style. That is, it is performed based on a specific module.
It is commissioned easily and quickly. For example, a period of 6 months or 1 year can be given as an example.
There is no risk. To give an example in risk, fire or explosion can be given.