Hydroelectric Power Plants

With the discovery of technology to transmit electricity over long distances, hydraulic energy has become more used. The source of hydraulic energy is water. Therefore, the hydroelectric power plant has to be built on a water source. As one of the oldest energy sources, hydropower, combined with today’s advanced technology, has become one of the first preferred energy sources in the production of electrical energy worldwide and in our country as an effective and important energy source.

Renewable Energy Source: Hydroelectric Power Plant

A renewable energy source, the hydroelectric power plant (HEPP), converts its flowing water into electricity. In this context, the amount of energy in the flowing water is determined by the flow or fall rate of the water. A water flowing in a big river has huge energy potential. Apart from this, it is possible to obtain a large amount of energy if the water is dropped from a very high height. With both methods, the water taken into the channels or pipes flows towards the turbines. In the production of electricity, turbines rotate with their propeller-like arms. Turbines connected to generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Hidroelektrik SantralleriWhat are the Advantages of Hydroelectric Power Plant?

Among the energy generation sources, the hydroelectric power plant is distinguished from other energy sources with the various advantages it provides. The main advantages of the hydroelectric power plant can be listed as follows:

– It provides employment opportunity.

-Does not create greenhouse gas emissions.

They obtain energy from water, which is a renewable resource.

– Its construction can be done with local resources.

– Its technical life is long.

-There are no fuel costs.

– Operational maintenance costs are low.

It is the most important renewable energy source in terms of revitalizing the economic and social structure in rural areas.

Hydroelectric power plants are a whole with their turbine, generator, snail, transformers, switchyard, pressure pipes, structures that provide water intake and retention, transmission channel and other equipment. Power plants consisting of the combination of all these parts are accepted as the most efficient energy production sources in the industry and industry sector.