Biogas is used as an energy source. The organic one we call Biogas Energy
It is the gas that emerges as a result of the fermentation of wastes under a certain temperature in an oxygen-free environment.
The source of this energy is actually solar energy accumulating in the bodies of animals and plants. Electricity and heat can be produced from this gas. The meaning of this gas is the gas obtained from biomass. The company that can produce electricity and heat from this gas is, which is an expert in its field.


Biogas Energy Resources

Biomass resources are at issue in this area. That is, from which sources heat can be obtained.

To define biomass, it is the general name of biological material obtained from living or recently lived organisms.

In that case, biogas energy resources are collected in four groups as plant resources, animal resources, resources obtained from forest products and resources obtained from organic garbage.

For example, vegetable sources include plants such as potatoes, wheat, and corn. These plants are sugar and starch plants. Protein crops such as peas and beans are also included in this group.

Feces of animals such as horses and sheep are animal sources. Since wood is a forest product, this is also referred to as a resource obtained from forest products. Paper and food industry wastes are considered as organic waste sources.


How is Biogas Energy Obtained?

The organic wastes needed are collected in the above-mentioned types and stored in the storage areas. These wastes kept in the storage area are constantly mixed and heated. In this way, organic wastes will start to produce biogas.

The resulting gas also undergoes certain processes. For example, cooling and cleaning are these processes. After these processes, a complete biogas is formed.

Here, organic waste, which is the main material, must be purified from micro-organisms. For this, sterile cleaning processes are carried out. For biogas production, these wastes must remain in an oxygen-free environment. Oxygen-free environment is provided to the wastes by digesting machines. The generated biogas energy is among the important energy sources.

After the production of biogas, the gas is accumulated and all other processes are duly carried out by company.