About Wave Energy

Waves in the sea are formed as a result of certain natural ways. In the industrial sector, these sea waves are used to produce Wave Energy. In order to obtain this energy, electricity generation systems work in certain regions. In the world, there are various application facilities to obtain this energy.


About Wave Energy

Waves in the sea create thrust. By utilizing this repulsive force, a renewed energy source is produced, and this source is called wave energy.

What waves create is actually kinetic energy. A powerful and unlimited energy source can be created from this energy. This energy is used to generate electricity. Thanks to the wind, this power in the waves is used. This method has actually been developed just recently.

The company www.aktermenerji.com has also managed to keep up with this newly developed method. The resulting energy is due to the waves emerging in tons. It can also be produced quite economically.

How Is Electricity Produced From Wave Energy?

Electricity with the advantage of wave energy is produced by the shoreline and oscillating water column methods.

In order to generate energy in the shoreline application, the structures are either fixed on the shore or in a pond. This technique is preferred because it is easier to maintain and apply than other methods.

There is no need for troublesome works such as water connection and long underwater electrical cables in the shoreline technique. For this reason, the resulting wave regime operates with less power. This too

This results in less energy produced.

The structure of the coast, the tide level and the factors of protection of the structure on the coast are the features that should be considered in the use of this method.

The oscillating water column, as the name suggests, is realized by the use of water columns. There are air columns above these columns. The structure under the system allows water to enter inside. The air is compressed by the water, which moves the system.

This technique does not waste time. Since it provides a one-way rotation, efficient energy production is in question.


Methods Used in Wave Energy Generation

Many countries in the world use various applications for wave energy generation. America, England, Spain, Portugal and Israel are among these countries.

There are various facilities and stations in these countries for production purposes. The methods used to produce this energy are as follows:

Electricity is generated by the reflection of the wave. In addition to this method, it is also considered to obtain electricity from the tides thanks to turbines.

Another method used is to use the passing wave energy as a preventive method. At the same time, electricity can be obtained from tidal waves by storing water described in the above title.