Disposal of Garbage by Separation and Incineration

Where does our garbage go?

Turkey produced 1.2 kg per day per person in the trash. Considering that the population is 80,000,000, we produce 96,000 tons of garbage daily. Local governments store garbage in wild and landfills. If the waste density is taken as 0.5 tons / m3, it means using a volume of 192 thousand m3 every day. If we store our garbage at a height of 1 meter, we need 192 acres every day. This clearly shows us that storage as a garbage disposal method is not a sustainable method.

Local governments should take the necessary steps to move to a new waste management approach where waste is considered as a resource rather than a problem, and define the administrative, technical and financial requirements of the city with a long-term planning for this approach.

Garbage Separation Plant

In our country, approximately 6 million tons of recyclable waste is generated annually only in residential areas, excluding industrial wastes. About 5 million tons of this do not go into recycling processes and are directly buried in landfills. The value of the wastes that are not recycled in one year only in residential units is over 1.5 billion TL.

Waste sorting plants separate reusable and recyclable materials from garbage as much as possible and produce marketable products with economic value. The separation process is done manually or mechanically. The processed wastes are stored to be sold by baling. The remaining wastes are collected for disposal.

Garbage Incinerator

Waste stored for disposal at the waste separation facility can be disposed of by incineration. With the heat generated, electrical energy can be produced and district heating can be made. With the developing flue gas treatment technologies, it reduces logistics costs by building it close to the city center. Garbage is incinerated and 1/10 mass is reduced, so less land is used for garbage disposal. The features are a viable method for local governments with land shortages.


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