There are some waste methods in the energy sector. Thanks to these waste methods, recycling is provided. In fact, these waste methods are used to generate energy and produce fuel. Disposal method is also the most important waste technique used in the sector. Other techniques reduce volume at a higher level than this method.

Disposal of Garbage by Sorting and Burning

One of the most known and most important wastes is garbage. Garbage is very diverse. For example, they are listed as household garbage, hospital garbage, workplace garbage, environmental garbage.

According to this situation, the garbage is first separated. Garbage separation refers to the collection of different types of waste and recycling as a result of separation.

The ash, moisture and organic matter content of the waste gives information about the value of the waste. After this information is obtained, the wastes are disposed of by incineration.

There are facilities for the disposal of all these mentioned garbage by separating and incineration. In these facilities, there is a garbage separation facility and a garbage incineration facility.

The best example to be given to facilities in this business is the company Thanks to this company, tons of garbage found in Turkey is re-evaluated as a resource in the facilities.

Garbage Separation Process

Only in settlements, 6 million tons of waste has the potential to be recycled. When known, not all of this amount goes into recycling processes. It is buried in landfills.

Garbage sorting is done in special facilities. All recyclable materials in the garbage are first separated. In this way, many substances with economic value are obtained. In fact, these products take their place as marketable products.

The separation process is very important in terms of obtaining new substances. This process can be done by machines or by hand. Then the separated wastes are processed. The processed wastes are regularly stored in order to take their place in the market. At this stage, packaging technique such as baling is also used.

Well, if you ask what happens to the wastes that cannot be separated, these wastes are collected and arranged for disposal. All these processes mean that the garbage is separated and disposed of by burning. The company,, is an expert in this field with the technological products and facilities it uses.

Garbage Incineration

We said that the garbage that is described above in the process of separating the garbage and that cannot be separated is disposed of. These wastes, which cannot be recycled, are disposed of by burning after the separation process. Incineration is one of the most important methods used in disposal technique.

This process generates heat. With this heat, electrical energy can be produced as well as district heating. There are some advantages to this disposal process.

Among these advantages is the reduction of logistics costs. Developing flue gas treatment technologies are being built close to the city center. This is how logistics costs are reduced.

Some local governments may face a shortage of land. Disposal of garbage by incineration causes a decrease in mass ratio. This means that less land is used for garbage disposal. Therefore, for local governments suffering from land shortages, separating and incineration of garbage is the most appropriate method.