Using the principles of Organic Rankine Conversion (ORC), Triogen has achieved exceptionally high efficiency. The most important feature of this small power unit, which has its own unique working principle, is that it produces electricity and hot water from waste heat originating from production processes and often unused.

What is needed

As long as you have sufficient heat of at least 350 C, Triogen ORC can convert your waste heat into electricity.

With a Triogen ORC, approximately 990 kW of thermal input is required to produce 180 kWe of gross output electricity and hot water from 55°C to 85°C. If higher capacity heat sources are available, Triogen ORCs can be easily paralleled to achieve the highest possible output. Even during periods of reduced heat supply, Triogen ORC continues to produce electricity that can be produced with maximum efficiency from the available heat under optimum conditions.