Triogen High Speed Turbo Generator

Triogen developed the Triogen YHTJ in-house, all other components were developed in conjunction with Triogen’s preferred suppliers. Triogen YHTJ(High Speed Turbo Generator) consists of the following parts:

1- Body
2- Turbine
3- Electric generator
4- Pump
All components are placed on a single shaft, which means that the turbine drives the generator and pump. No vgearboxes are used; The rotational speed of the generator and the pump is equal to the rotational speed of the turbine. The body is hermetically sealed and hermetically sealed. Specially designed and manufactured by YHTJ Triogen.

The bearings are lubricated with toluene, so no separate lubrication system is used.
YHTJ’s Body is built in such a way that, in the event of an unexpected event, any displaced parts remain inside the YHTJ Body.