Working principles of Triogen
as follows:

1 => 2 Priming Pumps
The precharge pump is used to pump the working fluid from the storage vessel to the main pump. The liquid enters the main pump at a pressure of about 4 bar.

2 => 3 Main Pumps, HTJ Main Pump
The main pump is dependent on the turbine’s rotational speed.
pressure of the working fluid as approximately 30
bar working pressure.

3 => 4 Recuperators
The working fluid from the main pump enters the recuperator and preheats.

4 => 5 Evaporators
Pressurized steam is obtained by heating the working fluid to 320 °C in the evaporator.

5 => 6 Turbines
Pressurized steam turbine
expands and turns the turbine. Turbine,
generates electricity by rotating the generator and
by rotating the main pump attached to the shaft
pressurizes the working fluid.

6 => 7 Recuperators
The rotten steam from the turbine enters the recuperator and preheats the working fluid.

7 => 1 Condenser
In the concert, the rotten vapor is condensed by cooling and converted to the liquid phase.