1- How long is the life of an E-Box?

It’s more than 20 years.

2- Will production be interrupted in any way?

No, it will not hinder production.

3- Is there any loss in electricity generation during the lifetime of the e-box?

ORC works completely automatically without any supervision. Installation will start when there is heat available and will automatically stop when there is no or limited amount of available heat. The ORC will automatically restart when the heat source is increased to the required minimum levels.

4- Do you offer customer satisfaction / performance guarantee?

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee.

5- How to send E-Box?

Ships in two 20ft shipping containers.

6- Where is the E-Box installed?

Ideally installed near gas engines. The flue gas is directed to the e-box (ORC) heat exchanger through a new valve in the existing stack and then evacuated.

7- Does an ORC affect the generator set warranties?

Triogen ORC is designed to operate at the back pressure allowed by the gas engine supplier. All warranties therefore remain intact.

8- What if there is too much heat for a single ORC?

Multiple ORCs can be run in parallel without any problems.

9- Can several generators feed one or more ORCs?

It is possible to combine several engines into multiple ORCs. This allows to maximize fuel economy, as not all gas engine sets work all the time.

10- Is training provided for the system?

After the installation, training is given to the relevant people.